About Paul4Jesus

Hello my name is Paul Nadon aka "Paul4Jesus" founder of Paul4Jesus Ministry. The purpose of this Introduction page is to share with fellow Christians what the Lord has done in my life, but more importantly, to share with non-believers how Jesus Christ can change your life forever.

I accepted the Lord and became a "born again" Christian on Sunday, February 6, 1994 and was baptized on Sunday, February 26, 1995. I love the Lord and have dedicated my life to faithfully serve Him. I long for the day that Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior calls me home. Please click here to read my testimony.

A New Life in Christ

Immediately after I became a Christian I was eager to serve the Lord. But I had no idea what God wanted me to do? I knew He had a plan for me... but what? I prayed often, asking the Lord what He wanted me to do. I felt Him say... "Wait My Son". Little did I know, things were about to change in a very big way. In the mean time, I read my Bible as often as possible and continued to pray fervently. I became involved at church with Men's Ministries, Promise Keepers and joined a Small Group where we shared in fellowship, prayed and studied the Bible together. My new and growing life in Christ was wonderful and I knew the Lord had other plans for me somewhere down the road.

In August 1996 I purchased my first computer and quickly discovered the Internet. After a couple weeks of surfing the Net I found there were actually very few Christian web sites. Long story, short... I began spending time in chat rooms looking for other Christians to fellowship with. I met all kinds of people from various walks of life, but very few Christians. One evening after chatting for a couple hours and feeling a bit tired, I logged off and shut down the computer. As I leaned back in my chair to stretch I felt the presence of the Lord speaking to me. The Holy Spirit came upon me and placed on my heart to share the love of Christ with a lost and dying world. I was to use my computer as a tool to serve Him. My prayers had been answered.

Eager to obey, I began learning web design and by mid December I started my first web page called Paul's Home Page for Christ. My email user name was Paul4Jesus. Within a couple days I began receiving email messages from around the world. It was unbelievable... only Not! I was encouraged by fellow Christians to continue my ministry for Christ. Ministry? I had not thought of it as a ministry? Oh, but it was! And the Lord led me to continue serving Him through my computer. My single page "Home Page for Christ" began to grow... 5, 10, 20, 50 plus pages. The web site was receiving hundreds of hits per day. I received so many emails I could hardly keep up. Praise God!

Paul4Jesus Ministry

In May, 1997, Paul's Home Page for Christ was renamed Paul4Jesus Ministry. On June 14 1997, an application was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office. On August 25, 1998 Paul4Jesus Ministry was officially registered as a Nonprofit Organization - REG, NO. 2,183,928.

Eventually Paul4Jesus Ministry expanded to well over 200 pages including many interactive pages. But as the years have flown by, all of the interactive pages have been discontinued due to time limitations. You really do get busier as you get older and even more so when retired! Praise God! Today Paul4Jesus Ministry provides a number informative pages for new Christians but designed primarily for non-believers in hope to lead them to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

PNE Ministries

The continued expansion of Paul4Jesus Ministry led to new area's of service and growth. Again eager to obey the Lord, Paul Nadon Evangelistic Ministries was formed. PNE Ministries currently includes: Paul4Jesus Ministry, Lone Tree Web Solutions, Local Community Outreach Ministry and Anglers For Jesus Ministry. Click here for more information about PNE Ministries.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The information on this page and my "Testimony" page has been provided to share how the Lord changed my life 22 years ago. And if the Lord can save a sinner like me, He can certainly change your life as well. It is my sincere hope and prayer that you turn your life to Jesus Christ and enjoy the promise of eternal salvation in heaven.

Love in Christ,
Paul4Jesus <><